Wednesday, June 27, 2018

ScrapeBox Expired Domain Finder plugin for cheap PBNs

Finally, a hands-free way of getting expiring domains. A new SEO-too, that has been released from ScrapeBox team in May 2016. I was able to scrape 152 domains for 10 minutes, by going 6 levels deep from only a single URL.

I’ve used a Standard Dedicated server from L♡veSEO - with 50 shared proxies - you’d like to get a list of Expired domains, scraped in this video, join our Facebook group and download it from “Files” section - Expired Domain Finder features:

- Multi-Threaded Connections

- Proxy Support

- Check Moz Metrics

- Check Social Shares

- Check WayBack Age

- Check DMoz Listings

- Keyword Filters

- Metric Thresholds

- Excel Export

Are you looking to find expired domain available for registration fee, that already have solid backlink profiles and metrics in order to give new sites a head start? How would you like to get domains that have backlinks from high authority websites like Wikipedia,,,, and many more?

These sorts of backlinks can sell for hundreds of dollars, but with the Expired Domain Finder plugin you can get domains like this for registration fees.

The Expired Domain Finder can crawl a website to extract domains, or it can scan a URL list you load to extract domains. The extracted domains are then checked if they are available to register, and if so checks various metrics you can configure like Moz, Alexa, Wayback, DMOZ and social media shares as well as has numerous filters and options.

You can also set a “Filter applied to extracted domains” so if you are only looking for expired domains that are .com or contain the keyword “seo” these can be added to the whitelist so it will only scrape and lookup metrics for domains matching this criteria.

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