Saturday, July 28, 2018

Expired Domains

Buy premium expired domains here: for expired domains?

There are several methods you can use. I have tried all of them.

Method 1: GoDaddy auctions. involves: registering for GoDaddy auctions, searching for domains, analyzing them, bidding on them against other people, waiting for the auction to close, and then buying them.

Does this sound time-consuming?

It is.

Sometimes you put in alot of work and end up with absolutely nothing because someone outbids you at the last minute (or second).

Sometimes you buy a domain, then realize your analysis was off, so your domain is actually worthless.

Sometimes, after all that work, the previous owner ends up "un-expiring" the domain. You get your fees back, but not your time.


Method 2: Use software (or a service-- here's a good one: ) to do the analysis for you. This is more effective because you can analyze in bulk, but you will still need to compete for the good domains, then bid on and buy them.

More wasted time. More wasted money.

Method 3: Buy expired domains from this guy. I'm going to estimate that Greg has saved me 100 hours of time over the past year. you're serious about expired domains for SEO purposes, there really is no question of what method to go with. all the other methods, then buy domains from Greg.


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